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Grooming Schedule and Conditions

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Updated January 24, 2020

Warm temps and stormy weather have been the trend this week. Down low things are wet and sticky, but the snow has remained soft and sweet up high. Please understand that we are doing our best efforts on the trails with above freezing temps and very low mid week users.
All three areas will be groomed up tonight.
Winds have been hammering snow around and the riders are rewarded best, when looking for hidden pockets in sheltered terrain.

Keep your ears and calendars open for a special weekend of sled celebration in Valemount on March 20th, 2020. SLEDFEST is going to be a family friendly, weekend long event for everyone. Stay tuned for more info.

Please do us a favor out there at the shelters. When getting firewood from the basements, please take a few minutes to shovel out the snow blown near the doorways and ensure they are properly closed. Snow and wildlife entering the basements can cause expensive damage. If we all try a little bit, we can be successful.

Take a few moments and check out the sponsor section on our website. This support is crucial to our operations. Choose to support the people that support your sport. It is important for our sponsors to know that their efforts do not go un-noticed. Please pay it forward to all VARDA supporting businesses as they invest in your good times.

We always like stories and photos and your info helps us create these reports. Please help us out and report your snow info or maintenance needs to our facebook page or via email.

Please be aware of your location at all times. Allan and Chappell Creek are surrounded by wildlife closures and any infraction is extremely detrimental to our cause of protecting our ride areas. We are in a very sensitive state in the province right now and it is more important than ever to show what good stewards the snowmobile community is. Please help with education and self policing while out in the field. 

Keep your wits about you and check www.avalanche.ca before your ride. If you do venture out, please report any of your findings to the Mountain Information Network through Avalanche Canada. This can be as simple as uploading a few pictures to the app.


Area Updates


PLEASE READ FIRST – We are  in full grooming operations, but we do not run on a set schedule. Our goal at VARDA is to provide you with quality trails seven days a week. We managed our grooming needs daily and take several factors into consideration when making decisions, user numbers are just one of them. Weather, temperature and snowfall all play major roles in trail quality and in our decision making. We strive to have the best groomed access trails in BC and we constantly manage grooming to meet that goal.


Allan Creek and Clemina Creek – Grooming is ongoing in both areas. Please enjoy the new shelter up in the Allan Creek area and don’t forget to review the webcam at www.ridevalemount.com/webcam

Keyhole – Not yet groomed. Access is from the Clemina staging area.

Chappell Creek – Grooming is ongoing.  This area is surrounded by a Wildlife Closure for the protection of the Mountain Caribou.  Please know where you are at all times!

Crystal Ridge – Two sleds with drags worked the trail recently. To continue this, PLEASE use the donation box attached the main sign board in the staging area to help with grooming costs for this area.

Westridge Family Loop – The mains FSR is now plowed for winter logging operations. The only access to the family loop is via the lower access north of the main staging area.




If you haven’t already done so, please check out the sponsor listings on our website and show some love back to the businesses that support snowmobiling in Valemount. Without their support, we could not be as active as we are!

Always be aware of your surroundings and the current avalanche conditions. Read your local bulletin from www.avalanche.ca before every ride. If you are in an area affected by wildlife closures, primarily Allan and Chappell, it is YOUR responsibility to know where you are in relation to the boundaries and always be aware of your surroundings. Even small infractions can have a drastic effect.

For the most recent photos and video, please follow RideValemount on Facebook and Instagram. 


Mountain Caribou – The Allan and Chappell Creek Riding areas are surrounded by wildlife closures. Please educate others and report any witnessed infractions to the RAPP Line at 1877-952-7277. Files are available on our website that can be put into your gps or phone to help you understand the boundaries. Failure to comply with regulations or to report infractions will only result in further restrictions and potential loss of the area and none of us want that. STAY IN BOUNDS!


General Info

Membership – WE NEED MEMBERS! It has never been so easy to become a VARDA member.
We have now moved to an online membership system and you can sign on at any time by scanning this QR code or by visiting the membership section on the VARDA web page. You can also purchase memberships at the trailhead.

Please report any Caribou and other Wildlife sightings to the VARDA office. We need location, number of animals, animals actions (at rest, at travel etc). This information is important to our riding areas.

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