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It’s Bike Season!

Late May trail update;
All trails from Turducken down are now open (minus Coaster due to the landslide)
PLEASE NOTE – The shuttle road is CLOSED above 3km due to a major slump that is unsafe to go near. We are working closely with our friends at Valemount Community Forest and Northern Development Initiative Trust to find a repair solution although that will not be until after the road bans are off in early June.
Our maintenance crew has done an amazing job buffing up our trails to the standard we are known for although all riders should expect early season conditions including soft spots and some flagged wet sections. Ride cautiously and carefully your first time down.
We thank you all for your patience as things dry out.
We could not do all this work without the support of our members. Please consider signing on if you have not already done so and ask others to do the same.
Ride Safe