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Please consider becoming a member

Are you a VARDA member?  Do you ride here often?  If the answer to the first question was NO and the second question was YES, please consider supporting your local and provincial clubs with a simple $40.00 membership purchase. 

Membership matters more than most people realize.  For our club specifically, the main benefit is to show that we represent a large user group when applying for funding, or new land or simply trying to secure the riding areas we currently have. 

For our Provincial group, the BCSF, membership means all the above, and so much more.  Membership is the core funding for the organizations that work hard to protect the sport we all love so much.  Without the membership revenue, there will be no one working on our behalf.  Lobbying government, working along side them during studies and action plans, assisting clubs with tasks that often are far too big of a burden for volunteers and so much more. 

Without the help of these provincial organizations, we are very likely to lose what we love so much and far too often, take for granted.

Please consider becoming a VARDA / BCSF member.  There are many incentives offered by the BCSF and locally here with VARDA, that will easily cover the cost of your membership in one weekend of riding, if you choose to utilize the offered incentives. 

Your $40.00 purchase will go a long way.  There is power in numbers and snowmobiling needs you!

Ride Safe
Curtis Pawliuk