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Restricted Areas

Spring Opening Dates

Edited March 23, 2020

Please keep checking back here as the dates can change by a few days.

Some of the areas may be affected by wildlife closures as well.  It is your responsibility to know where you are at all times.

Please note that the Dave Henry boarders Mt Robson Provincial Park and the boundaries need to be respected.  Please click HERE to view a map of the boundary.  Most common GPS will also show you the lineage.

Please click HERE to view a PDF image of the areas noted below.

Beyond Westridge       March 20
Bone North                    May 1
Bulldog                            April 16
Canoe North                  March 20
Canoe West                    May 1
Cedar                                May 1
Dave Henry                   April 08
Dixon Glacier               March 20
East Fork                        April 24
Go Go Juice                   May 1
Manteau                         May 1
Mclennan                       April 16
North Thompson        May 1
Ski World                       May 1
Small River                   April 11
Swift Creek                    April 16
Thunder Look Out     April 16
Thunder Plateau        May 1
Westridge                     May 1
Windfall                         May 1
Yellowjacket               April 16